At Lucentem Media Group, we provide services to athletes, musicians, actors, filmmakers, producers, production companies and other creatives. We work at an elite and international level, helping you work in any area of your chosen industry and in any part of the world. The services we provide to our clients are designed to aid in the growth of your career and business development.

These services include:

Marketing & Endorsements
Working directly alongside you to understand your passions, ensuring a positive brand fit for any endorsements and sponsorships.

Media Training/Skills Development
Providing you with coaching, interview prep and other necessary media skills to ensure that you are prepared for the media frenzy that coincides with a career in the entertainment industry.

Social Media Training
Assisting our clients in building their brand and image through self-marketing and social media, in order to ensure a long-lasting career.

Charitable & Community Involvement
Taking into account your values, we will seek out positive partnerships with charities and initiatives that will allow you to do the most fulfilling work for your career and community.

Litigation & Arbitration
Our team has access to skilled and professional entertainment lawyers who understand the pressures and consequences that arise from doing business in the entertainment world. From taxation to immigration to other legal matters, our team is readily available to assist in any legal matters that come your way.

Educational Events
Our team of experts is available to speak at seminars and conferences relating to business in the sports and entertainment industries.

Production Consulting
Having worked in the entertainment industry for years, our team understands the ins and outs of the many aspects involved in completing a successful production. We are available to work with you through the entire process to ensure your production is carried out effectively and efficiently.

Talent Management
Helping you navigate the entertainment industry to ensure your business dealings reach their highest potential

Crisis Management
Lucentem delivers a 360–degree approach to client management. We provide our clients counsel, industry expertise and legal protection that will effectively manage a crisis. The Lucentem crisis management team is available 24/7 to respond to crisis anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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